✅Your Opinion of Me Will Not Change My Life’s Mission👌🏼

Don’t get me? Ok…

Just go on your way.

I’m passionate & true,

May not make sense to you.

I speak from the heart,

That’s not the best part.

I give credit undue

To those struggling through.

I know you don’t see

How you could ever be

In a place where you’d beg,

Or be on your last leg.

Wishing someone cared,

And your pain could be shared.

But this life gives us chances,

Lonely solo dances,

When having one on our side

Could ease bumps on the ride.

I’ll continue to give,

And help others live

The best life they envision…

That is my life’s mission.

Continuing to find those

Who want wounds to close,

Pain they’re willing to bear,

As humanity’s shared.

The fake and pretentious facades of this world,

No longer matter, true beauty unfurled.

To love other people, just as they are…

Knowing that with a village, we can all go so far.

Life’s greatest blessing, don’t blink or it’s gone.

Is a chance on this journey to feel less alone.

So, I get it, I may not be your cup of tea.

But when you need an ear, I hope you find someone like me.



Instagram: peacefulahead

E-mail: peacefulahead@gmail.com

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