Sharing Helps us to Fully Bloom

I am an over-sharer. I share at the risk of being judged, and sometimes wonder if I’ve shared too much. But, I continue to do so with the hope that in sharing my truth in this life, I am helping others to embrace every aspect of themselves. Connections are not developed at the deepest level without sharing, and I feel a deep connection to and empathy for all of humanity.

It occurred to me this morning that depression and anxiety (and all mental illnesses) are allowed to grow when we don’t talk about them. Not only that, but there is an inverse relationship; the less we talk about it, the more they prevail. I want you to know that I’ve dealt with these issues in various times of my life, and if you are struggling right now, I see you, I get you, I feel you. If you ever need an ear to listen, please don’t hesitate to message me here.

Our strength lies in sharing, and when we open up about the realities of our struggles, only then can we begin to truly bloom.


  1. Sparkyjen · June 12, 2018

    As an over-sharer myself I know what it is for some people to wonder why I think it necessary. As you’ve posted above living your truth is the reason. What I have found is by living my truth other people feel more comfortable living theirs as well. Relationships then on the whole are much more connected, there’s more resonance, and less need to cover up to cover up the cover up. Plus, we can all get more traction from consciously living our highest and our best lives!

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    • 🏖Peaceful Ahead🏝 · June 12, 2018

      Absolutely! I just wish that all humans wanted the connection that’s available by doing so. For now, I am compelled to continue on this path. I know I’m not responsible for the paths others choose…but, I can be a light and maintain hope in increased consciousness and peace for all. Keep doing you, Sparkyjen! You’re beautiful that way.💙

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